Clean power, lots of it

Pure Power’s Solar Hybrid solutions provide the cleanest overall solution to long-term off-grid power needs, while using the least amount of petro-fuel and taking the best possible care of the environment.

How it works

Much like the fuel-efficient Toyota Prius® saves gas, our Mobile Solar Hybrid Power Systems™ include an onboard biodiesel generator that is automatically activated only when needed.3 Hybris S10s working@Disney movie

In solar-only mode, Pure Power systems provide from 4.5 kW to 18 kW of continuous clean power from the sun. With our Hybrid option, you can power on, using one of the most technologically advanced clean generators in the world.

Our 35hp, EPA Off-Road Tier 4-standard generator running B20 biofuel is 93% more efficient compared with a Tier 1 generator. (Pure Power also offers a propane hybrid model.)

Super quiet

Our hybrid units switch between solar and biodiesel effortlessly, instantly and quietly. Patent-pending sound baffling reduces the noise level to approximately 54 decibels – the equivalent of light traffic at 100 feet.

Hybrid on a grand scale

Pure Power has designed and delivered the first mobile Solar Hybrid Base Camp PowerSystem™ in collaboration withDSCF1363Star Waggons. The first system, including 3 hybrid solar platforms and 2 Solar Star Waggons, is now working on a major feature film production in Los Angeles. Our base camp solution is scalable to any size, and includes real-time reporting of energy produced, fuel saved, and carbon avoided, among many other data points.

HybridSolarS10WorkingOnAHollywoodPrdtnA slimmed-down version of our solar hybrid system (with twin-Hybrid S10′s) also powered the audio, video and lighting in the press and VIP tents for the popular annual Teen Choice Awards show, which airs on Fox August 10, 2009.