What is a Mobile Solar Power System™ ?

The Mobile Solar power System™ is the 21st alternative to the portable diesel generator, that noisy, smelly toxic fume-spewing power plant used by many industries when off-grid power is needed. Pure Power mobile solar generators use clean solar energy to produce pure sine wave power.  Mobile solar is clean and quiet, combining durable mobility and ease of use in a financially and environmentally friendly package.

Rugged, Yet Easy to Use

Mobile Solar Power Systems feature rugged positioning platforms that are tough enough for any job site. At the same time, they’re easy to use – one person can deliver a System, deploy the solar panels and produce pure sine wave A/C power in a matter of minutes.

Clean, safe fuel

Our solar systems are replenished with clean fuel each day as the sun crosses the sky – fuel that has no environmental impact. You never need cringe at the noise, smell and emissions of a mobile solar generator – there are none.

Rock-solid technology

The most trusted names in the industry: General Electric polycrystalline panels. Xantrex and Outback inverters and charge controllers. Hawker/Interstate industrial batteries. Leading names in energy – it’s why Mobile Solar Power Systems™ are being used by some of the America’s leading companies. Honeywell, Verizon, Warner Bros., and others.

Hear yourself think

Our pure solar systems run silently, causing sighs of relief on every event and job site we’ve been to. And our hybrid systems include patent-pending sound baffling that reduces the noise level to approximately 54 decibels – the equivalent of light traffic at 100 feet.

You’re independent – be energy-independent, too

The Mobile Solar Power System™ is American ingenuity at its best – a bold innovation that lets you be as conspicuous a power consumer as you want, with no guilt. Creates American jobs, too.