Mobile Solar Microgrid for Military & Emergency

The impact of using mobile solar systems by the military could be enormous: “A single soldier in Afghanistan uses 22 gallons of fuel a day, and delivering each gallon to the war zone costs between $300 and $400, according to estimates released last year.”

And: “…Amory B. Lovins, chairman and chief scientist at the Rocky Mountain Institute, in Colorado, calculated that a typical Marine Corps combat brigade needs more than a half-million gallons of fuel per day, and much of it is for generators. A single typical 60-kilowatt generator burns 4 to 5 gallons per hour, or $700,000 per year based on an estimated fuel cost of $17.44 per gallon in Afghanistan. Fueling one base’s generators might cost more than $34 million per year.”

  • Pure Power Distribution has created a prototype solar generator for Department of Defense (DOD) Organizations
  • We have delivered military-grade, rugged, high-capacity, high-power microgrid system


Emergency / Disaster Preparedness

During an emergency that is remote or takes down the grid, a fast, reliable source of power is required at a moment’s notice. Mobile Solar Power Systems can be towed to the scene, set up in minutes and provide quiet, pure-sine wave power for:

  • On-site command center equipment
  • Telecommunications and satellite uplink
  • Power for trauma units and first aid
  • Emergency lighting, respirators and MASH unit equipment
  • Refrigeration of lifesaving medicines

Colleges and Universities

With large populations of students who are young and not living with family members, universities, colleges and junior colleges need to be prepared for the critical roles of rescue and first aid, reestablishing communications as quickly as possible, and protection of critical data infrastructure.

Mobile Solar Power Systems provide emergency power quickly and without noise or toxic emissions. More importantly for emergency circumstances, they are completely self-contained and do not need fuel to be stored or delivered. If used properly (not overloaded) a Mobile Solar generator by Pure Power can be used quickly, and for as long as needed until utility power can be restored.

  • No fuel means longer power independence
  • No need to store flammable fuels, or deliver them during an emergency
  • No additional toxins (as in diesel exhaust) added to the scene