The time is now for pure solar energy, wherever it’s needed.

Solar Cells

Reducing emissions from diesel engines is one of the most important
air quality challenges facing the country.
– US Environmental Protection Agency website

  • A TV production is filming in the Mojave Desert. Each morning the diesels that run base camp are fired up, creating a huge noise and plumes of black smoke.
  • In Northern California, an organic farmer needs to water fields that are far from his pump’s power source. Does he have to use a portable diesel generator, or is there an alternative?
  • A builder is erecting a new project in Del Mar, and wants to save money on fuel and set himself apart from his competition.
  • A storm has taken down the power grid. Time is of the essence to power up emergency communications.

These and other off-grid power demands occur every day. Some are urgent, some are in rugged terrain, and most demand environmental considerations. Until now, the solution usually has been a diesel generator.

But with high costs of foreign oil, air quality degradation, maintenance costs, fumes and odor, and the noise of diesel motors, many organizations and businesses are seeking an alternative.