Mobile solar power for construction: now you can hear yourself think

Quiet Construction

Not surprisingly, the number one complaint we hear about construction sites is the noise (from workers and neighborhood residents alike). In close second are “hauling fuel to the site” (the cost, the manpower, the mess, remediation) and “that god-awful smell”. So when they hear about a mobile power source that delivers up to 18,000 watts of pure sine-wave power to run their job sites silently, without the hassles of diesel, and without fumes, they’re all ears.

  • New construction, when utilities aren’t hooked up yet
  • Remodels in neighborhoods where noise regulations can cause fines
  • LEED or green-targeted buildings, where every point counts (ask your LEED AP about gaining up to 5 “Innovation” Points)
  • Greenbelt or wildlife areas, where no exhaust, no fumes and no noise are huge benefits to gaining permits
  • Fire-prone areas, where combustible fuels require additional precautions (mobile solar uses no fossil fuels)
  • Farmland or vineyards, where diesel particulate matter fallout and soil remediation for fossil fuel spillage is critical (there’s no fuel to spill)

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