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Solar-PowerD Sheriff

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Over a month ago,  we did a demo to the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s dept in Martinez, CA.   Upon completion of that demo,  the County Sherrif contacted us and asked if we would speak at the “State Sheriff’s Association” meeting, at which numerous tactical teams representing emergency services for each county in Calif. were in attendance. Over 200 attended  and there were only 3 vendors invited to speak at the event.

We set up a demo at the State Sheriff’s HQ with a 10kw Mobile Solar Power System, which was positioned in front of the building where we spoke to the group.

Diesel Alternative for Municipal, Emergency and Disaster uses

During dialogue with these State professionals, we heard need for our mobile solar solution ranging from disaster preparedness, remote communications, power to fire command centers, power to civic and traffic control events, as well as search and rescue operations.  We are responding to inquiries about power requirements relative to sustained output.   The overall response and assessment of the trailer very positive.

SPCA gets PurePowerD

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009
Mobile solar  is a diesel alternative for off-grid power

Mobile solar is a diesel alternative for off-grid power

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is constructing a new facility in Salinas, California. This new facility is specially designed to help treat and rehabilitate injured wild animals. With traditional animal trails bisected by freeways, power lines and housing, the opportunity for human/animal contact (with bad results to the animal) is constantly rising.

This facility is being constructed using pure solar power from one of our 10 kW Mobile Solar Power Systems(TM). The system was delivered to the job site early this week, and after a few days of supporting the crew and its equipment, it (the mobile solar power system) had retained a full charge in its batteries. What does this mean? That the solar panels were able to acquire enough solar energy to equalize the power used by the construction crew over several days.

Off grid? This job site is like many construction sites: the power had not yet been delivered. What are the options for power to run equipment, lights, office equipment? Well, until recently, it was diesel all the way, right? Not any more – now a Mobile Solar Power System(TM) can do all that a diesel can do, with no fumes, no noise, no refueling, no toxic emissions.

Wow! The construction site is being completely powered with pure sine-wave electricity from the sun.

Habitat for Humanity gets PurePowerD

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Hundreds of volunteers in the San Francisco Bay Area came out en masse to help Photo_Habitat_worker with panels_3x2_04 19 09Habitat for Humanity frame 20 houses in 4 days during the Earth Day Build-A-Thon. The construction was powered by a 10 kW Mobile Solar Power System(TM) that did an outstanding job of keeping the equipment running smoothly during the 4-day build. Lots of media (CBS5-KPIX) came to the event and were greeted by the solar system which was located in the center of the action.Photo_Habitat09_3x1@100

Culinary event powered by mobile solar unit – MONTEREY HERALD

Friday, April 17th, 2009

We have 2 Mobile Solar Power Systems working a fabulous culinary event in Pebble Beach, California this weekend: the Pebble Beach Food & Wine Expo. The event is being held at several locations in the famed coastal town.

One might imagine an unpleasant aftertaste from sampling the finest wines and foods amidst the noise and smell of diesel generators. Now,

The story was well-captured here in this article in the local news.

The Herald Logo

Solar and FSC

Friday, April 17th, 2009

Last week we had an interesting encounter that shows how like-minded people – a tribe as Seth Godin calls it – bond over shared values.

Speaking to a rep from one of the West Coast’s largest grocery retailers, who is interested in and diesel alternative (solar) for a pretty ‘outside the box’ application. We give him a business card and the conversation stops…

He’s looking at the back of the card (shown) and says, “I figured you guys would be environmental, but you’re also FSC? We never see this in our industry. YOU’RE OUR KIND OF PEOPLE.”
Pure Power Distribution Business Card Reverse

Alternative to diesel: go big!

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

We just got a call from an Indian executive living in Dublin who is working to establish renewable energy solutions in Africa by calling us in the US for a renewable energy solution (I guess our Search Engine Optimization is working…). This gentleman told of rural villages that have no power except diesel generators – schools, hospitals, the works. (Imagine the impact the diesel emissions are having on schoolchildren and patients – just awful.)

But in thinking about going totally off-grid with no dependence on fossil fuels, it’s humbling to see that the small island nation of Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles, has all of us squarely in the rear-view mirror.

Check this:By the end of 2009 44% of the island’s energy will be produced by wind turbines. The remaining 56% will be produced by bio-diesel fuel derived from algae, an organism that does not take food out of the supply chain, enabling the island to shift 100% sustainable energy supply within five years.”

Back to work!

PurePowerD on Cox Cable

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Cox Cable in Santa Barbara is running a :30 commercial about the Mobile Solar Power SystemTM , as well as a 5-minute video-on-demand piece showing how the construction industry is embracing solar, and the great new means of delivery of dependable, silent, emission-free solar power.

If you’re a Cox customer in the Santa Barbara area, you can see the commercial on A&E, National Geographic, History Channel, Fox News, HGTV, TLC, Travel Channel, CNN, CNBC, and Fine Living.

If you’re not a Cox customer, you can see them here.

FSC gets PurePowerD

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Last week the executive directors of the Forest Stewardship Council-US met in Los Angeles for their quarterly board meeting. Power for the meeting, including all the computers and communications devices, was produced by a Mobile Solar Power SystemTM.

As we have seen at many such events, the power supply available through our solar systems far exceeded the demand. However, the FSC, whose standards represent the world’s strongest system for guiding forest management toward sustainable outcomes, values a thoughtful approach to every decision that impacts the environment. Utilizing renewable power from the sun rather than electricity produced by damming rivers or burning fossil fuels embodies such environmental vision.

Raleigh Studios Gets PurePowerD

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

On March 7th, Pure Power was very fortunate to participate as sponsors of an event called “Faces of Our American Heroes” at the renowned Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. The event was created to provide special wheelchairs for troops who were disabled in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our Chair Scott Chaplan and CEO Norris Lozano attended the event on behalf of the company and were in amazed by the production, and the emotional response to the wheelchairs by the soldiers.

The impact of the event was captured nicely on the local news.

A pair of new PurePowerDTM Mobile Solar Power SystemsTM were on hand to provide pure sine-wave solar-generated power for a variety of electrical needs. We had a single-phase 10 kW unit running all the lights and audio/visual components at the cocktail event, and a new 3-phase “Super 10″ kW unit running the main kitchen refrigerators and ovens.
This was the first time our new Super 10 was demonstrated, and it “barely broke a sweat” in providing an average of 30 amps of power to the kitchen. The Super 10, specially configured for the entertainment industry, is 3-phase and provides 26,000 watts of power at surge, and 13,500 watts continuous (72 amps per leg surge, and 37.5 amps per leg continuous), and 1,020 amp-hours of power. Cam locks, a spider box and other industry specific features are also included.