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Pure Power saves lives with Mobile Solar Microgrid

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Recent news reports describe a logistical nightmare facing the US military: alarming numbers of troops killed guarding supply lines. One of the prime supply line items is the diesel fuel needed to run equipment, vehicles and generators in remote locations.

To help reduce supply-line fatalities by reducing the amount of diesel fuel needed in these remote locations, Pure Power ( has developed its first Military-Grade Mobile Solar Microgrid(TM). The first Mobile Solar Microgrid has been delivered.

“As a military unit extends forward, it brings along its power supply which, until today, was a generator that requires diesel fuel,” says Christopher Smith, Vice President of Pure Power, “Day after day that generator needs more fuel, which puts American lives at risk. Our Mobile Solar Microgrid reduces supply line threat because its fuel is sunlight. Not only will this help save lives by reducing logistical load, it is a clear example of how Americans can innovate to achieve security through energy independence.”

The Mobile Solar Microgrid is more powerful than Standard Pure Power Mobile Solar Power Systems developed by Pure Power. It carries 33% more battery storage, 20% more inverter capacity and 10% more solar-intake capacity than Standard Systems.

In addition to the Mobile Solar Microgrid, Pure Power has the biggest fleet of Mobile Solar Power Systems in the US, including the world’s most powerful mobile solar generator: the S-48T, which can provide up to 72,000 Watts of clean quiet solar power.

“The Mobile Solar Microgrid can also be used by emergency first responders on US soil,” says Smith, “and it’s an important earthquake preparedness tool for municipalities, universities and schools.”

(read the release here)