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Solar-PowerD Sheriff

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Over a month ago,  we did a demo to the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s dept in Martinez, CA.   Upon completion of that demo,  the County Sherrif contacted us and asked if we would speak at the “State Sheriff’s Association” meeting, at which numerous tactical teams representing emergency services for each county in Calif. were in attendance. Over 200 attended  and there were only 3 vendors invited to speak at the event.

We set up a demo at the State Sheriff’s HQ with a 10kw Mobile Solar Power System, which was positioned in front of the building where we spoke to the group.

Diesel Alternative for Municipal, Emergency and Disaster uses

During dialogue with these State professionals, we heard need for our mobile solar solution ranging from disaster preparedness, remote communications, power to fire command centers, power to civic and traffic control events, as well as search and rescue operations.  We are responding to inquiries about power requirements relative to sustained output.   The overall response and assessment of the trailer very positive.

Verizon Gets Pure PowerD

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Verizon Communications, a Fortune 500(R) telecom company, has acquired a 5 kW Mobile Solar Power System(TM) for use in remote locations. The company maintains cellular communications towers across the country, and servicing remote towers (some quite remote) can be a real challenge.

Many of these towers are off-grid, meaning there is no power supply close by. Our mobile solar product is a great solution for this type of need.

We customized the unit with several unique capabilities requested by Verizon. With clients in a whole host of different industries, with distinct needs, “customization” is likely to be a standard procedure for us.

What’s exciting about a sale to Verizon, from a broad perspective, is that ordinarily such a company would have to transport a diesel generator to a remote site. They would also have to bring fuel regularly (we had a customer complain of having to transport diesel fuel by helicopter!) and keep a mechanic on-call.

The beauty of our Mobile Solar Power System is that all of these issues, which put pressure on the environment, are eliminated.

We are (understandably) proud to be working with Verizon.

- Norris Lozano