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WakeJam PDX gets PurePowerD

Friday, July 31st, 2009

If you find yourself in Portland, Oregon this weekend, get down to the River for WAKE JAM PDX. Not only will you see some of the best boarders, bikers and music available this summer, BUT you’ll also see one of our new Super 10 Mobile Solar Power Systems in action.  pic2

The Super 10 will be providing pure solar power directly adjacent to the Main Stage (if the huge solar panels don’t catch your attention, just find the banner that says POWERING CHANGE). Ask for Dave Watson – he’ll show you around.

WAKE JAME PDX will be remembered as a landmark application of mobile solar power: thousands will attend the two-day event to enjoy the competition, eat, enjoy the music and dance … and our solar system will be providing up to 18,000 Watts continuous power – with No Fumes, No Noise, and No Emissions into the glorious Oregon skies.

pic1So your Bridgeport or Deschutes summer ale will be clean and crisp, with no aftertaste of diesel exhaust :)

July 8, 2009 Greenest County Fair on Earth Boasts Solar Powered Carousel

Friday, July 10th, 2009

“Few events capture the sun-soaked glory of summer better than a county fair, and when the whirling lights and sounds are powered by clean green energy, what’s not to love? Sponsored in part by PG&E, this year’s Marin County Fair was host to a dazzling array of green innovations ranging from an amazing solar-powered carousel to an all-electric auto show to a sound stage juiced by the sun’s rays

Marin County Fair 2009_ S10 5c3@100

“Another main attraction at the Marin County Fair was a solar-powered carousel. This classic amusement ride has been retrofitted with a stunning LED light display and features 18 horses and a chariot. Nearby a giant solar array soaked up enough energy to run the carousel well into the night. What better way to impress kids with the power of renewable energy?

read more at: Inhabitat

PurePowerD in new green YouTube Video

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

A few months back we blogged about how we provided power for a super green production of a video series for the National Wildlife Federation.

The production, made in conjunction with a nationwide campus competition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions called Chillout, had a wide variety of stars, producers, musicians, directors and producers involved.

Check the video on YouTube

Diesel Alternative: National Wildlife “Chill Out” Webcast

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009
Working with the Green Screen

Working with the Green Screen

Kudos to the ridiculously talented Melissa Balin, the diverse and dedicated stars, and her exceptional crew who brought together the National Wildlife Federation’s webcast for the “Chillout 2009.”

“The webcast is a low carbon footprint production, going well beyond the industry’s sustainable filmmaking guidelines, and has been recognized by the Environmental Media Association’s Green Seal Program for using the film industry’s best environmental practices. The production used the Red Camera–a 4K camera system that is filmless and tapeless, cabling directly into a hard drive, eliminating wasted film, tape, and chemicals. The lighting was Lite Panels’ LED system, and the lights and production were powered by solar energy thanks to a solar generator provided by Pure Power Distribution and a portable solar-capturing tent from FTL Solar. Even the teleprompters were made from recycled materials!”

Check out the Chillout webcast here:

Solar-PowerD Sheriff

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Over a month ago,  we did a demo to the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s dept in Martinez, CA.   Upon completion of that demo,  the County Sherrif contacted us and asked if we would speak at the “State Sheriff’s Association” meeting, at which numerous tactical teams representing emergency services for each county in Calif. were in attendance. Over 200 attended  and there were only 3 vendors invited to speak at the event.

We set up a demo at the State Sheriff’s HQ with a 10kw Mobile Solar Power System, which was positioned in front of the building where we spoke to the group.

Diesel Alternative for Municipal, Emergency and Disaster uses

During dialogue with these State professionals, we heard need for our mobile solar solution ranging from disaster preparedness, remote communications, power to fire command centers, power to civic and traffic control events, as well as search and rescue operations.  We are responding to inquiries about power requirements relative to sustained output.   The overall response and assessment of the trailer very positive.

SPCA gets PurePowerD

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009
Mobile solar  is a diesel alternative for off-grid power

Mobile solar is a diesel alternative for off-grid power

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is constructing a new facility in Salinas, California. This new facility is specially designed to help treat and rehabilitate injured wild animals. With traditional animal trails bisected by freeways, power lines and housing, the opportunity for human/animal contact (with bad results to the animal) is constantly rising.

This facility is being constructed using pure solar power from one of our 10 kW Mobile Solar Power Systems(TM). The system was delivered to the job site early this week, and after a few days of supporting the crew and its equipment, it (the mobile solar power system) had retained a full charge in its batteries. What does this mean? That the solar panels were able to acquire enough solar energy to equalize the power used by the construction crew over several days.

Off grid? This job site is like many construction sites: the power had not yet been delivered. What are the options for power to run equipment, lights, office equipment? Well, until recently, it was diesel all the way, right? Not any more – now a Mobile Solar Power System(TM) can do all that a diesel can do, with no fumes, no noise, no refueling, no toxic emissions.

Wow! The construction site is being completely powered with pure sine-wave electricity from the sun.

Habitat for Humanity gets PurePowerD

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Hundreds of volunteers in the San Francisco Bay Area came out en masse to help Photo_Habitat_worker with panels_3x2_04 19 09Habitat for Humanity frame 20 houses in 4 days during the Earth Day Build-A-Thon. The construction was powered by a 10 kW Mobile Solar Power System(TM) that did an outstanding job of keeping the equipment running smoothly during the 4-day build. Lots of media (CBS5-KPIX) came to the event and were greeted by the solar system which was located in the center of the action.Photo_Habitat09_3x1@100

Solar and FSC

Friday, April 17th, 2009

Last week we had an interesting encounter that shows how like-minded people – a tribe as Seth Godin calls it – bond over shared values.

Speaking to a rep from one of the West Coast’s largest grocery retailers, who is interested in and diesel alternative (solar) for a pretty ‘outside the box’ application. We give him a business card and the conversation stops…

He’s looking at the back of the card (shown) and says, “I figured you guys would be environmental, but you’re also FSC? We never see this in our industry. YOU’RE OUR KIND OF PEOPLE.”
Pure Power Distribution Business Card Reverse

The Wind and the Sun

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

A huge California wind farm got an assist from the sun today – Pure Power Distribution was on hand to provide mobile solar power for the dedication ceremony of the Shiloh II Wind Project in Rio Vista, (Solano County) California. It was a glorious renewable energy photo opp, so we’ll post pictures here tomorrow.

Shiloh II operates with 75 turbines, each of which generates up to 2 megawatts of power, so the project will provide up to 150 megawatts, or enough electricity to power 74,000 homes. Some of the windmills are over 80 meters tall with a rotor diameter of 92 meters and to be among them is simply amazing.
Should his schedule allow, this will be the third time that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will be appearing with our “Solar Genny” – the mobile solar power system. The Governor spoke with us at the Women’s Conference in August of 2008; again at the Governor’s Global Climate Summit in October, and now here in Rio Vista. We believe that, with a product that’s completely designed, built and distributed in California, providing green jobs in California, and a jump start into the use of solar tax credits, that the Governor and Pure Power are aligned on the issue of renewable energy.

Pure Power mobile solar power systems are a completely natural fit for this event, as with virtually any off-grid situation such as construction sites, movie sets, mines, disaster sites, farms, vineyards and ranches. All of these share: a remote (off-grid) location, the need for reliable source of power (the sun) delivered reliably (our system) that leaves no carbon footprint (no fumes or emissions here) and can be taken away without worry about environmental remediation from diesel spills or leaks.

- Norris Lozano

National Wildlife Federation Gets PurePowerD

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

This week we were asked to provide solar power at the shoot of this year’s “Chill out” webcast by the National Wildlife Federation. The NWF is one of the most important environmental organizations in America and we were happy to give our support.

Chill Out recognizes colleges and campus leaders for their effort to solve the global warm
ing crisis. In this shoot, big talents like Angela Shelton talked on camera about challenges facing the planet due to greenhouse gas excesses, and celebrated the battle that college groups are rallying around. Chill Out is part of the Campus Climate Challenge, which leverages the power of young people to organize and is growing a generation-wide movement to stop global warming by reducing the pollution from high schools and colleges down to zero, and leading our society to a clean energy future.

It’s always good to be working with the entertainment community, which has historically used diesel generators (“gennies”) to power off-grid locations. Bringing our 10 kW Solar Gennie to this production puts a whole new meaning to “Quiet on the Set”.

The entire shoot was green, including a solar canopy (solar panels embedded in the fabric), a green caterer whose vehicles run on recycled vegetable oil, and Pure Power Distribution. It was filmed at an amazingly green studio in Burbank, CA called Big Vision Studios, which has a “green screen” instead of the traditional blue screen, and uses LED lighting instead of HMI – LED’s are dramatically more energy efficient and produce little heat. We’re told that all of this will be shown in the webcast, including an interview with our CEO Norris Lozano.