Pure Power featured in GE ecomagination story

“… California’s Pure Power Distribution has created mobile solar arrays whose ability to generate reliable power has been demonstrated on, of all things, movie base camps. Their usability, however, extends far beyond the silver screen.

In addition to its Mobile Solar Power System, a purely solar array, it has developed a Solar Hybrid, an 18 kilowatt generator that includes an onboard biodiesel generator (it can also be outfitted with a regular diesel or propane generator) that automatically activates when solar power isn’t adequately charging the array’s battery. It’s a realistic option for crews working in a disaster area….”

Read the article on the GE’s ecomagination website: http://is.gd/kiyK2y

PHOTO ALERT: the original article showed a stylized version of our Hybrid Mobile Solar Power System – in the image, the solar panels are RED. Solar panels are NOT RED, but typically blue and sometimes black. The panels on our Hybrids are BLUE!

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