Mobile Solar Power to Save Money and Save Lives

Interesting article here titled “Mobile Solar Power to Save Money and Save Lives”

…But note that Mobile Solar and Portable Solar are used almost interchangeably. In our world, there’s a BIG difference – Mobile Solar, such as provide by Pure Power and others, denotes commercial-grade or military-grade solar equipment that is capable of providing electricity for:

  • power tools on construction sites
  • project management trailers, including air conditioning
  • wardrobe, talent trailers, and catering – up to entire “base camps”
  • A/V systems for stages and bandstands
  • powering electric vehicles
  • powering schools or homes in remote villages
  • chilling of medicines for emergency first response or field hospitals.

“Portable solar” generally refers to solar backpacks and small units that can be carried by one person and can power a laptop, cell phone or MP3 player.

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