California’s Bold Move to Legitimize 3BL Businesses

“A bill introduced in California’s state Senate last week holds enormous potential to give sustainable business a push by making it — well, legal.

Under current law in California and most other states, companies can be sued by their shareholders or investors for taking environmental or social measures that negatively affect shareholders’ financial returns. The proposed bill would enable a new form of for-profit corporation, encouraging and expressly permitting companies to pursue other things besides simply making money.”

A triple bottom line company such as Pure Power Distribution stands to benefit from this decision, as we continue to grow, and design and deploy new Mobile Solar Power Systems, Mobile Solar Microgrids, and new models and versions implementing new battery technologies, new PV technologies, and many other innovations we have on the drawing board. Our mission has always been to provide opportunities for investors and partners to create three legs of benefit – Financial, Social, and Environmental. We call it “Financing Community Sustainability”

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