Solar California Baby Event (it’s not about solar, it’s about the kids, Part 2)

This afternoon, California Baby held its annual Family Festival, and if the smiles of the parents and kids were any indication, the even was a huge success.  Held at the California Baby facility on a bright sunny day, it had just the right mix of entertainment, food, and people to make it fun. It was easy to find the event because there was an S10 Mobile Solar Power System parked outside, mere feet from the music area.

Why is this important? Because similar to our previous post regarding the school event in Berkeley, the power for the music and PA was provided by our solar system. And unlike a diesel generator, a mobile solar generator is QUIET (sorry… quiet…). Also, it produces no fumes, no toxic diesel exhaust, no soot, no heat, and did we mention the noise?

It was also cool to be at California Baby because they’re all about children’s health. Check them out here:

We were psyched to partner with Ra Power & Light to get introduced to this event. Ra (Egyptian God of the Sun) is masterminding the huge solar array that California Baby is installing (the installation is just beginning – you can see the racks for the solar panels in the photos below).

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