Green ideas hit Hollywood and the 2010 Emmy Awards

Pure Power is in the blogosphere again – this time on Tainted Green. The article is about the greening of the entertainment industry, from the Emmy Awards, to Conan O’Brien’s show to using solar generators on the film Inception starring Leo DiCaprio. Now, we know a little about Inception, having provided mobile solar power to the production’s base camp when it was shooting in LA.

DiCaprio mentioned using solar power on Inception in an article in the Philippine Times, which was captured by Ecorazzi, Huffington Post, the Sierra Club and Forbes.

What’s really amazing about the coverage is that, on DiCaprio’s Facebook Page, over 1,700 people read his piece and ‘liked’ it, and over 300 people commented. Heads up, entertainment industry – this is direct response to your positive actions!

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