LA Marathon Hails Vets with Mobile Solar-Powered Stage

March 21, 2010 – More than 25,000 people witnessed 1940’s music powered by 21st century technology, as a Hybrid Mobile Solar Power System™ was used to power the US Veterans Administration’s entertainment stage at the VA Hospital in Westwood.

Solar-Powered Swing Singers, LA Marathon 2010

Solar-Powered Swing Singers, LA Marathon 2010

As the racers coursed through the Veteran’s Administration in Westwood at Mile 21, they were energized by a host of talented singers and dancers – whose instruments, mikes and amplifiers were powered by a clean, quiet portable solar generator.

The racers, families, war veterans and fans enjoyed the music, and weren’t bothered by the noise, exhaust and smell of diesel generators typically used for such live events.

It is believed to be the first mobile solar powered venue in the 25-year history of the LA Marathon.

“The US Veterans Administration does noble work and we are proud to be a part of their day,” said Norris Lozano, CEO of Pure Power. “We were thrilled to be surrounded by the talent on the stage, war heroes in the audience, and courageous athletes on the street. It was a great day!”

Pure Power Distribution ( used a “Hybrid S10” Mobile Solar Power System™ to power 7 high-energy acts throughout the 8-hour day. Sound checks started at 7am, but because of the intense Southern California sun and the Hybrid S10’s solar capture ability and deep cycle batteries, the Solar System actually ended the 8 hour work day with more energy in its batteries than when it started.

It was Pure Power’s first live stage show with The Show Pros/Laguna Creative ( – the first of many, if today’s success is any indication.

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