SPCA gets PurePowerD

Mobile solar  is a diesel alternative for off-grid power

Mobile solar is a diesel alternative for off-grid power

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is constructing a new facility in Salinas, California. This new facility is specially designed to help treat and rehabilitate injured wild animals. With traditional animal trails bisected by freeways, power lines and housing, the opportunity for human/animal contact (with bad results to the animal) is constantly rising.

This facility is being constructed using pure solar power from one of our 10 kW Mobile Solar Power Systems(TM). The system was delivered to the job site early this week, and after a few days of supporting the crew and its equipment, it (the mobile solar power system) had retained a full charge in its batteries. What does this mean? That the solar panels were able to acquire enough solar energy to equalize the power used by the construction crew over several days.

Off grid? This job site is like many construction sites: the power had not yet been delivered. What are the options for power to run equipment, lights, office equipment? Well, until recently, it was diesel all the way, right? Not any more – now a Mobile Solar Power System(TM) can do all that a diesel can do, with no fumes, no noise, no refueling, no toxic emissions.

Wow! The construction site is being completely powered with pure sine-wave electricity from the sun.

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