Pure Power on the farm, orchard, vineyard, and ranch

Pulling a unit

Our rugged and fully mobile platform can be towed virtually anywhere on the farm, orchard, vineyard or ranch (great power source for an organic farm!). We’ve watched a 10 kW towed by a quad, and then set up by one person in a few minutes – a very versatile and clean power source! As our recent appearance at the World Ag Expo confirmed, the farming community wants solar power in a big way.

  • Pumps (irrigation, sump, drainage), especially when far from power source
  • Seasonal sorting, washing, packaging and drying equipment
  • Office or residence (a 10 kW system can power a 4,000 sf house)
  • Canteen or bunkhouse
  • Ongoing drying equipment, silos, etc.
  • Roadside vending stalls including lights, refrigerators, etc.