The Pure Power Vision

With rising global populations, an ever-increasing demand for energy, and compelling evidence of climate change, it is crucial that we invest in energy technologies that are not dependant on dangerous and polluting fossil fuels.

The Vision of Pure Power is to provide clean and renewable energy solutions to the marketplace while facilitating a cleaner and more sustainable future by:

  • Providing individuals and businesses with direct and immediate access to more competitive and practical choices for 100% renewable energy
  • Supporting self-reliance and energy independence
  • Producing clean, renewable power that is economically viable as well as environmentally sound
  • Fostering creativity and innovation in the utilization of technology and financial tools to achieve Triple Bottom Line Returns (financial, social, environmental).

The Company Mission

The Mission of the company is to provide and deliver to everyday people and businesses, economically viable and environmentally sensible alternatives to their fundamental energy needs through clean energy alternatives.