Mobile Solar Power Systems named “Top 10″ by Sustainable Industries Journal

A panel of expert judges has chosen Pure Power’s Mobile Solar Power System as on of its Top 10 Green Building Products of 2011. SIJ judges looked at more than 100 entries based on environmental performance, scalability/market impact, innovativeness, design aesthetic, value and compatibility with the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating system. Check out the link and see what we’ve been up to in the Construction Industry!

Mobile Solar Power Systems™ are a clean power alternative to portable diesel generators

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With solar, “…you can be as conspicuous a consumer as you want to be…”
Pure Power Distribution provides Mobile Solar Power Systems™ that deliver clean quiet energy wherever and whenever you need it. With limitless sunlight as your fuel, move away from the dirty fuels of the past with Pure Power.

Our rugged, patent-pending mobile solar generators deliver solar power to any job site, providing power that is:

  • Clean
  • Quiet
  • Emission-free and fume-free

Solar Power Saves Lives: Introducing the Military-Grade Mobile Solar Microgrid

Pure Power has released the first Mobile Solar Microgrid(TM) – a more-powerful version of the standard R10. The Mobile Solar Microgrid has the potential to save American lives, by reducing the amount of diesel fuel needed in forward operations, thus reducing fuel shipments which are moved and guarded by American personnel. With the new Mobile Solar Microgrid, military users seeking a rugged, portable renewable power supply will also receive 30% more battery life, 20% more inverter capacity and 10% more solar input than standard models.

The World’s Most Powerful Mobile Solar Power System

Pure Power has designed and assembled our largest and most powerful Mobile Solar Power System™, the S48T, which provides 72,000 Watts (600 Amps) of pure solar power. The “48″, which is mounted on a 48-foot positioning platform, is the first to be able to power a movie base camp exclusively with solar power. The S48T includes electronic controls to move the 36 200-Watt solar panels to receive maximum solar input.

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Leading edge: Hybrid Mobile Solar Generators

Pure Power now provides the first solar-hybrid generators, which can be scaled from household-size to the most demanding, large-scale operations such as feature film base camps. Our hybrid systems include EPA off-road Tier 4-standard biodiesel generators, running B20 biofuel at only 54 decibels – the cleanest, quietest uninterruptible power on the market.

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Solar Power Becomes Cheaper Than Diesel Generators in India

In a new article on the environmental website Treehugger, the author states, “…the question of cost competitiveness is not a simple one for solar. It depends on location, installation costs, and what kind of power solar is competing against. In Africa, solar has already become cheaper than kerosene in many locations. And now Renewable Energy […]

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Pure Power featured in GE ecomagination story

“… California’s Pure Power Distribution has created mobile solar arrays whose ability to generate reliable power has been demonstrated on, of all things, movie base camps. Their usability, however, extends far beyond the silver screen. In addition to its Mobile Solar Power System, a purely solar array, it has developed a Solar Hybrid, an 18 […]

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One of the giants of sustainability has passed: Ray Anderson led and inspired!

Nice tribute in Metropolis Magazine to Ray Anderson, a legend and true sustainability hero, who passed away recently:

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